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Omni One

Step into the Game

Omni One is the ultimate VR gaming system that provides unmatched immersion and freedom of movement in VR.

This all-inclusive package features the Omni One treadmill, VR headset, and access to the Omni One game store.

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Monthly payment option available (est. $70/month)
Omni One ships in U.S. only.
Revolutionary Full-Body Immersion
Immerse yourself in a virtual world where your entire body is engaged, allowing you to walk, run, crouch, kneel, jump, and strafe without boundaries in 360 degrees.

Your Greatest Adventure Awaits

Omni One Features

Front of Omni One VR Treadmill
Streamlined Design
Enjoy effortless setup and breakdown (no tools needed) along with easy relocation facilitated by built-in wheels.
Pico 4E VR Headset
Lifelike Graphics
Indulge in clear, immersive, and vivid visuals with an ultra-wide 105° field of view and a 4K+ display.
CLose Up of Omni One Vest
Body Support System
Eliminate the risk of bumping into walls with the adjustable support vest and sturdy aluminum arm.
Back of Pico 4E VR Headset
Lightweight Comfort
Experience balanced, lightweight comfort and solid head strap support with the ergonomically designed headset.
Desktop PC
PC Compatible
Expand your gaming options through SteamVR by utilizing the PC connection feature.
Pico 4E Controller
HyperSense Controllers
Engage your tactile senses with HyperSense controllers featuring built-in responsive haptics.

Embark on a Fitness Adventure




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The Omni One app tracks your steps, distance covered, and calories burned as you navigate through immersive worlds. Stay active, challenge yourself, and make every move count — all while engaging in your favorite games.

Players Love Omni One

Zulushi Plays Omni One
“The Omni One is INSANE. This is technology destined to revolutionize the VR experience.”
- Zulushi, Content Creator
OtterWorldly Plays Omni One
“I was SUPER SUPER IMPRESSED with Omni One.”
- OtterWorldly, Content Creator
Ben Lang Plays Omni One
“It’s an extremely cool product that could be an awesome thing to have.”
- Ben Lang, VR Journalist
Nathie Plays Omni One
“Virtuix is on track to turn the Omni One into the best consumer treadmill the XR space has seen so far, being the most promising and seemingly effective locomotion option to date.”
- Nathie, Content Creator
Cabannis Family Plays Omni One
“We love how it gets our son off the couch. It’s an incredibly fun and active experience.”
- Dan Cabannis, Omni One Customer
Omni One players at Lakeline Mall
“Wow, that was awesome! I love how it’s more athletic than just sitting down.”
- Omni One Player at Lakeline Mall
Omni One first delivery video
“It's everything that I hoped it would be.”
- Dale Western, Omni One Customer
Omni Online:
Only $14 per Month!
Play online with your friends
Join online gameplay events
Build your profile and unlock achievements
Access game leaderboards
Participate in esports contests
Save your games in the cloud
Omni Online is optional. Without Omni Online, you can still play offline single-player games.
Experience Omni
Discover an Omni Arena near you! Although the Omni Arena system differs from Omni One, the experience gives a preview into the sensation of running on an Omni treadmill.
See Locations

What's In The Box

Omni One
Omni One Treadmill
Omni One Headset
Customized VR Headset
Omni One Controllers
Pair of Hand Controllers
Omni One Overshoes
Pair of Overshoes
Omni One Trackers
Pair of Foot Trackers
Maintenance Essentials
Cleaning Essentials

Omni One Specs

48"w x 60"d x 48"h
Supported User Height
4'4" to 6'4"
Supported User Weight
Up to 250lbs
Vest Size
Up to 46" waist
Charging Cables

VR Headset Specs

Headset Model
Customized Pico 4 Enterprise
Qualcomm XR2, 8 cores, 64-bit, 2.84 GHz
8 GB DDR5, 6400 MHz
256 GB
2160x2160 per eye, 1200 PPI
105° field of view, pancake lenses
Eye and face tracking, 6DoF controller tracking
Inside-out tracking, full-color passthrough
5300 mAh capacity, 2+ hours of play
6DoF haptic controllers with 20 sensors