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What happens if I pay the deposit but change my mind later? Can I get my money back?
Yes, you can cancel your preorder at any time, without stating a reason. We’ll fully refund your deposit.
When will I need to complete my order?
Your $200 deposit will count towards the full purchase price of your Omni One unit ($2,595 + shipping). When we’re close to shipping your unit (est. Q4 2024), we’ll contact you to collect the remaining amount.
How much is the shipping cost?
We’ll finalize shipping costs after collecting preorders and using this initial demand to negotiate with logistics providers. We estimate doorstep delivery in the continental U.S. will range from $200 to $300. We plan to offer higher-service options, including a white-glove delivery service that includes setup of your unit. We’ll confirm your exact shipping cost before you pay for your order in full.
Will a monthly payment plan be available?
Yes, we intend to offer a monthly payment plan for Omni One (starting at an estimated $70/month).
I’m outside of the U.S. Can I preorder a unit?
Yes you can, but note that Omni One deliveries will start in the continental U.S. We’ll expand internationally once we’re ready to support non-U.S. customers (late 2024 at the soonest).
How long will my deposit remain valid?
When your unit is ready to ship, we’ll contact you to collect full payment. If you want to forfeit your place in line and delay receiving your unit, you can.
Can I preorder more than one unit?
Yes, you can place as many preorders as you’d like. The preorder checkout page doesn’t allow you to order more than one unit. To order more than one, complete the preorder process additional times.
What games will be available at launch?
You can view our announced games here: These include games developed by Virtuix alongside top titles licensed from third parties, with more to be added on a rolling basis.
Can I play SteamVR games with Omni One?
Yes, Omni One will support a PC connection to play PC-based games via SteamVR and any VR headset that’s compatible with PC.
What are the dimensions of Omni One?
Omni One is 4 feet wide (120 cm), 5 feet long (150 cm), and has a minimum height of 4 feet (120 cm). The complete system with all accessories weighs about 150 pounds (70 kg).
What are the physical requirements to use Omni One?
Omni One accommodates users from 4’4” to 6’4” in height (132 to 192 cm) and up to 250 pounds (113 kg).
What warranty does my unit have?
Omni One comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
What is Omni Online?
Omni Online is Omni One’s monthly subscription for playing online multiplayer games, accessing leaderboards and esports contests, saving games in the cloud, and much more. Without Omni Online, you can still play offline, single-player games.